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Regulatory Info.

Company’s Registration Number:
K-14082 / 98255

Sales Tax Number:

National Tax Number:

Status of the Company:
Economic Significant Entity (ESE)

Licence Details:
License as Securities Broker
License as Consultant to the Issue
License as Underwriter

Regulators Web Links:
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited
National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited
Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
State Bank of Pakistan


Broker Registration Number:

Riaz Ahmed & Company Chartered Accountant
SBP Ratings of Statutory Auditors "A"

Net Capital Auditors:
Our statutory auditors are also the auditors of Net Capital Balance Certification. Details are as under:
M/s Riaz Ahmad & Co.
Chartered Accountants
108-109, 1st Floor, Park Avenue, Block-6, P.E.C.H.S,
Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Legal Advisor:
Siddiqui & Raza Legal Advisor

Registered Agents:
1. Tariq Adam, Director, Head of Equity Operations
529, 533-534, 5th Floor Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange Road, Karachi, Pakistan.
PH: +92(21) 32446611, 32426652-3
FAX: +92(21) 32426429

2. Haris Aslam, Head of AKD Trade Online
AKD Trade Head Office, Suite # 207, 2nd Floor
Continental Trade Centre, Block 8, Clifton - Karachi, Pakistan
UAN: 111-253-253
FAX: +92(21) 3583-6517

3. Aun Raza, Branch Manager - AKD Securities Limited
Suit No. 3, 1st Floor, Mezan Executive Tower,
Liaquat Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan
PH: +92(41) 2620361-67
FAX: +92(41) 2620368

4. Saiyed Muhammad Roomi Shamail - Branch Manager
Suite-2A, 2nd Floor, D 1/1,
Block D North Nazimabad,
Karachi, Sindh 74700, Pakistan
UAN: +921-34823003-8/11, Ext: 241

5. Ehsan Ahmed Qureshi - Regional Manager
Room No. 512 - 513, 5th Floor,
Lahore Stock Exchange Building, 19,
Khayaban-e-Aiwan-e-Iqbal Road, Lahore
UAN: 041-111-253-253

6. Imran Karim - Branch Manager
Room No. 302 - 303, 3rd Floor,
Islamabad Stock Exchange Tower,
Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad
UAN: 051-111-253-111


AKD Group Holdings (Pvt.) Limited

Audit Committee:
1. Abdul Rauf Kasuri - Independent Director / Chairman Audit Committee
2. Hina Junaid - Director / Chairperson BoD
3. Tariq Adam Ghumra - Director

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Rating of Brokerage House:
Long Term Rating: A+
Short Term Rating: A-1
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Catalyst I.T Solutions

Mr. Naveed Anjum
Head Of Compliance - AKD Securities Limited
UAN: +92 111-253-111 Ext: 609

SECP Online Complaint Lodge:
DISCLAIMER: "In case your complaint has not been properly redressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the "SECP"). However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be redressed by the Company and the company has failed to redress the same. Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP's regulatory domain/competence shall not be entertained."

PSX Online Complaint Lodge:

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Quarterly Report

Detail of Action (s) taken by the Exchange and the Commission against the Company:

Net Capital Balance:
Statement of NCB 2021_06 (Audited)
Statement of NCB 2021_08
Statement of NCB 2021_07
Statement of NCB 2021_06
Statement of NCB 2021_05
Statement of NCB 2021_04
Statement of NCB 2021_03
Statement of NCB 2021_02 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2021_01 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_12
Statement of NCB 2020_11 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_10 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_09 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_08 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_07 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_06
Statement of NCB 2020_05 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_04 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_03 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_02 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2020_01 (Un-Audited)
Statement of NCB 2019_12
Statement of NCB 2019_11
Statement of NCB 2019_10
Statement of NCB 2019_09
Statement of NCB 2019_08
Statement of NCB 2019_07
Statement of NCB 2019_06
Statement of NCB 2019_05
Statement of NCB 2019_04
Statement of NCB 2019_03
Statement of NCB 2019_02
Statement of NCB 2019_01

Statement of NCB 2018_12
Statement of NCB 2018_11
Statement of NCB 2018_10
Statement of NCB 2018_09
Statement of NCB 2018_08
Statement of NCB 2018_07
Statement of NCB 2018_06
Statement of NCB 2018_05
Statement of NCB 2018_04
Statement of NCB 2018_03
Statement of NCB 2018_02
Statement of NCB 2018_01

Statement of NCB 2017_12
Statement of NCB 2017_11
Statement of NCB 2017_10
Statement of NCB 2017_09
Statement of NCB 2017_08
Statement of NCB 2017_07
Statement of NCB 2017_06
Statement of NCB 2017_05
Statement of NCB 2017_04
Statement of NCB 2017_03
Statement of NCB 2017_02
Statement of NCB 2017_01

Statement of NCB 2016_12
Statement of NCB 2016_11
Statement of NCB 2016_06

Statement of NCB 2015_06
Statement of NCB 2014_06

Liquid Capital Balance:
Statement of LCB 2021_06 (Audited)
Statement of LCB 2021_08
Statement of LCB 2021_07
Statement of LCB 2021_06
Statement of LCB 2021_05
Statement of LCB 2021_04
Statement of LCB 2021_03
Statement of LCB 2021_02 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2021_01 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_11 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_10 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_09 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_08 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_07 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_06
Statement of LCB 2020_05 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_04 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_03 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_02 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2020_01 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2019_12 (Un-Audited)
Statement of LCB 2019_11
Statement of LCB 2019_10
Statement of LCB 2019_09
Statement of LCB 2019_08
Statement of LCB 2019_07
Statement of LCB 2019_06
Statement of LCB 2019_05
Statement of LCB 2019_04
Statement of LCB 2019_02
Statement of LCB 2019_01

Statement of LCB 2018_12
Statement of LCB 2018_11
Statement of LCB 2018_10
Statement of LCB 2018_09
Statement of LCB 2018_07
Statement of LCB 2018_06
Statement of LCB 2018_05
Statement of LCB 2018_04
Statement of LCB 2018_03
Statement of LCB 2018_02
Statement of LCB 2018_01

Statement of LCB 2017_12
Statement of LCB 2017_10
Statement of LCB 2017_09
Statement of LCB 2017_08
Statement of LCB 2017_07
Statement of LCB 2017_06
Statement of LCB 2017_05
Statement of LCB 2017_04
Statement of LCB 2017_03
Statement of LCB 2017_02
Statement of LCB 2017_01

Statement of LCB 2016_12

Financial Statements AKDSL:
Financial Statement June 2021
Financial Statement March 2021 (Un-Audited)
Financial Statement December 2020 (Un-Audited)
Condensed Interim Financial Statment September 2020
Financial Statement June 2020
Financial Statement March 2020 (Un-Audited)
Financial Statement December 2019 (Un-Audited)
Financial Statement September 2019 (Un-Audited)
Financial Statement June 2019
Financial Statement March 2019
Financial Statement December 2018
Financial Statement September 2018
Financial Statement June 2018
Financial Statement March 2018
Financial Statement December 2017
Financial Statement September 2017
Financial Statement June 2017
Financial Statement March 2017
Financial Statement December 2016
Financial Statement September 2016
Financial Statement June 2016
Financial Statement March 2016
Financial Statement December 2015
Financial Statement September 2015
Financial Statement June 2015
Financial Statement March 2015
Financial Statement December 2014
Financial Statement September 2014
Financial Statement June 2014
Financial Statement June 2013
Financial Statement June 2012

Financial Statements AKDSPL:
Financial Statement June 2017
Financial Statement June 2016
Financial Statement June 2015

Financial Statements AKDIML:
Financial Statement June 2017
Financial Statement June 2016
Financial Statement June 2015

Financial Statements DVCOM:
Financial Statement June 2017
Financial Statement June 2016
Financial Statement June 2015

Commodity Trading

PMEX membership Number:

License as Future Commodity Broker:

Future Commodity Instructions for Investors
PMEX Dos' and Don'ts
Direct Fund Model (DFM) Information