Seeking Public Comments on Draft Prospectus of HIRA TERRY MILLS LIMITED

Public Announcement of Offer to acquire ordinary shares of Clover Pakistan Limited.



It is hereby informed to all concerned that HIRA TERRY MILLS LIMITED has applied for Listing on the Exchange and has submitted the draft Prospectus for issue of shares to High Net-worth Individuals / Institutional Investors through Book Building followed by issue of shares of the Company to the General Public / Retail Investors.

The draft Prospectus of the Company is hereby placed on the Website of the Exchange under caption "Public Comments on Draft Prospectus of HIRA TERRY MILLS LIMITED" for seeking public comments as required under Section 3 (11) of the Public Offering Regulations, 2017 and the Regulation No. 5.2.2 (ac) of Listing of Companies and Securities Regulations of PSX.

It is requested to submit written comments on the draft Prospectus, if any, either in hard form or through email at addressed to the undersigned latest by November 23, 2017.

Clover Pakistan Limited

Public announcement of offer to acquire 17.86% ordinary shares (1,668,038) of Clover Pakistan Limited by Fossil Energy (Private) Limited Under Securities Act, 2015